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Having the right professionals in your corner makes all the difference when you are faced with a difficult situation. I know firsthand, having to witness my family members struggle through the probate process after the death of my grandmother was not fun. So, I bottled up that passion and got busy learning about the probate process from beginning to end. With knowledge of the industry and passion for individuals like yourself who must juggle grief and complicated financial decisions I assembled a full-service team of professionals to help you with the services you need the most.

We are here to help you clean out unwanted items as well as manage the sell and auction of items that hold value. If you need financial advice on what to do with the proceeds, we have financial advisors ready and able to help you make the best decisions. If you are needing to repair and/or renovate property you may have inherited, we have certified contractors prepared to give a quote. Landscaping and lawncare professionals are also available to assist in maintaining the upkeep and the exterior of the property.

We will also help you with some of the difficult conversations you may need to have with family members and other heirs. If you haven’t secured the services of a competent attorney, we can help refer you to one whose good work we know and feel comfortable recommending.

Whenever you are ready for assistance feel free to schedule an appointment by calling the phone number listed. You can also enter your information in the below “get in touch” section to recieve a scheduled callback. By the way our initial counseling and referral service is free of charge.

Do you need to dispose of the property as quickly as possible?

Here is where we really shine. First, we will help you determine specifically what the most critical objective or objectives are regarding the real estate that is involved in the probate.
If so, we can provide immediate cash buyers from our list of qualified investors. Often, this is vital to allow a surviving spouse to move into a more suitable location, handle medical or other bills or simply get asset funds into the hands of the heirs quickly. Our investors can often make offers within 24 hours on almost any property and can close quickly. Of course, timelines are frequently subject to the courts and filing timelines which are beyond our control, but our efforts minimize these delays whenever possible.

Do you need to maximize the selling price to provide the greatest cash benefit to heirs?

When maximum revenue is the focus, we will make certain the property is not only listed properly but marketed aggressively and intelligently to assure maximum exposure. We will make sure you know exactly what the property is worth if you are willing to wait for the right buyer and we’ll help you determine any possible repairs (if any) that might add more to the final selling price than their cost – in other words, the greatest bang for the buck. Be aware that all too often, ill-informed sellers spend far too much on repairs that do not even cover their cost in the final sale price. This is where our experience, preparation, and savvy marketing skills come into play.

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